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We practice yoga to get good at life

Anna, Founder of Happy Head Health



Our aim is to empower you

Not just to survive, but to thrive through healthy, happy and sustainable living

Our philosophy is, 'You ain't broke'

Your inner sun is always on. It’s just that our heads can get caught up in the storms

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  • Yoga believes that we all have the ability, through a regular practice of training the body and mind, to consciously access our inner sun, our inner wisdom, peace vitality and joy. This is our true nature that we were all born with and that never stops shining despite the changing and sometimes unpredictable weather patterns of life.

  • Positive Psychology is an approach that also focuses on the strengths and behaviours that enable people and communities to thrive.  It’s founded on the belief that people want to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives. It’s ultimate aim is to help us cultivate what is best within ourselves so that we can flourish and truly enhance our experience of life.

We offer a holistic and sustainable approach to invest in your mental health and happiness

​To be happy and healthy is the greatest wish in life for ourselves and those we love

  • Yet while most of us understand the importance of investing in our physical health

  • Few take the time to understand how we can improve our mental health and happiness

  • And for some it takes a major emotional crisis to begin to take their mental health seriously

Our BODY + MIND approach


We take a holistic approach to mental health as our bodies and minds are inextricably linked.​


How we move, breathe and what we sense in our bodies effects how we feel emotionally​


And how we feel effects what we experience in our bodies.

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