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Yoga Accessories

Tried and Tested Yoga Equipment Recommendations

​Happy Head Health Super Grippy Premium Yoga Mats


  • ALIGNMENT: Practice Yoga with the aid of alignment lines and markers to help improve your technique and experience of the poses

  • SUPER GRIP: Made with natural PU rubber this mat is super sticky and even stays grippy when you sweat


  • PLANET FRIENDLY: Made with eco-friendly natural rubber our mats are biodegradable, free of harmful toxic chemicals and can be recycled.


  • LONGER, WIDER, THICKER: For your comfort our yoga mats are longer, wider and thicker than most at185cm long x 68cm wide and 4.2mm thick. 

  • HAPPY HEAD REMINDER: The serene Happy Head logo at the centre of the mat reminds us to breathe and ease the mind

Price: £80 (not including shipping)

Email to order:

PXL_20221031_112832004 (1).jpg


  • Orange Inner Sun

  • Light Blue Sky

  • Deep Blue Sea

  • Moonshadow Grey

  • Gorgeous Green Earth

Material: Natural PU Rubber

Product care: Wipe with damp cloth

Weight: 2.5 Kilograms

Dimensions: 185 cm x 68cm, 4.2 mm thick

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