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You only really need a
Yoga mat, but...

To get started you only really need a Yoga mat, but if you are enjoying developing a regular practice it is worth investing in a few props that will aid your experience of the poses.

In order of priority...

  • 2 x Yoga Blocks

  • 1 x Strap 

  • 1 x Yoga blanket

  • 1 x Eye Pillow 

  • 1 x Yoga Bolster

The good news is we have tried and tested lots of yoga equipment for you, across all price points and quality claims. Below are Amazon links to products which we think are great value and great quality.

If you get to the point where you are dedicated in your practice and want to invest in a premium mat - one that has super grip and helps you master your poses more - then we recommend our very own Limited Edition Happy Head Health Super Sticky, Super Grippy premium yoga mat - made of premium, eco-friendly, toxin free, super grippy and comfortable PU natural rubber -> Scroll down the page to see the mat and specs.

Yoga with Props

Tried and Tested Yoga Equipment Recommendations

PXL_20221031_112832004 (1).jpg


  • Orange Inner Sun

  • Light Blue Sky

  • Deep Blue Sea

  • Moonshadow Grey

  • Gorgeous Green Earth

Material: Natural PU Rubber

Product care: Wipe with damp cloth

Weight: 2.5 Kilograms

Dimensions: 185 cm x 68cm, 4.2 mm thick

​Limited Edition Happy Head, Happy Feet - Sticky, Grippy Premium Yoga Mat


  • ALIGNMENT: Practice Yoga with the aid of alignment lines and markers to help improve your technique and experience of the poses

  • SUPER GRIP: Made with natural PU rubber this mat is super sticky and even stays grippy when you sweat


  • PLANET FRIENDLY: Made with eco-friendly natural rubber our mats are biodegradable, free of harmful toxic chemicals and can be recycled.


  • LONGER, WIDER, THICKER: For your comfort our yoga mats are longer, wider and thicker than most at185cm long x 68cm wide and 4.2mm thick. 

  • HAPPY HEAD REMINDER: Our serene and calm Happy Head logo at the centre of the mat and 4 inner suns are a reminder that Yoga is a state of being, a state of connection to your calm, happy, vital, wise, best self and inner sunshine. Afterall, we don't practice yoga to get good at poses, we practice yoga to get good at life. The 4 suns represent the 4 key practices of yoga that help clear the clouds away: breathwork, mindful movement, meditation and self-reflection.

Price: £80 (not including shipping)

Limited Edition - Email to order while stocks last:

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