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Hello, I'm Anna and this is my story

Today I am a Yoga teacher and Mental Health and Happiness Coach.

But for many years prior, I struggled with my own mental health challenges while living a high flying life and international career in advertising.

When anxiety, depression or mania struck I white knuckled it. I didn't know any better; I didn't have the right tools, the right know how, the right support or frankly, the right amount of self empathy to effectively deal with the frighteningly dark and wild episodes of mental illness.


It was years before I was diagnosed as having bipolar disorder; the treatment for which left me over medicated, unable to hold down my job and at rock bottom.


It makes me quite emotional to think about just how ill I was and how ill equipped I was to manage myself well.

The good news I suppose about rock bottom is that the only way is up.

Little by little, I learnt how to love myself whole heartedly, consistently and holistically. I got to rebuild my life, not solely following my head this time, but listening to the wisdom of my body and heart. 


Anna Rowe, MA Oxon,

200 RYT and Positive Psychology Coach

Instragram @happyheadyoga

began, not just to understand what I had studied for years in yoga teacher training, the neuroscience of happiness, positive psychology, ancient philosophy and from the world's great spiritual teachers, I began to see the threads that they shared between them. And most importantly, I began to apply them to my daily life as simple enjoyable tools and practices.


In essence I decide to take agency over my mental health and have ​never looked back since. I am proud to be able to say I have been mentally and emotionally well, not just surviving but thriving, for over 8 years, despite during that time having to negotiate unexplained infertility and breast cancer.


Today nothing gives me greater purpose than to teach what I know works not only for me, but as the science shows for millions of others across the world.


If you are curious about exploring a body, mind and heart approach to managing your mental health well, then please read my client testimonials here, or see what classes and courses are coming up or be in direct touch by email:


I look forward to supporting you towards your naturally light and bright whole self.


Namaste, Anna

The light within me sees the light within you. 

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